Nutrizione, evoluzione, disinformazione


Nutrition, evolution, misinformation

Marco Capocasa and Davide Venier


The history of human dietary habits regards hunting, fishing, gathering and the development of agro-pastoral practices. The economic and social shifts linked to the transition of human societies from agricultural to industrial and the increase in migrationof people, diffusion of information and goods linked to globalization influenced food choices, as they relate to the exponential growth in the productivity of the food industry. Especially in the new millennium, media have contributed to the promotion of refined foods and, at the same time, to the dissemination of fake news concerning nutritional topics, persuading people to make wrong and harmful choices regarding their health. In this paper, we highlight the importance of the role of nutrition professionals in providing reliable information to patients and in the dissemination of scientific knowledge to a broader public, using an accessible language to overcome communication barriers.

Riferimento bibliografico:

Capocasa M, Venier D 2022. Nutrition, evolution, misinformation. HAL Open Science, hal-03856652.

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